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As attractive and cost effective as metal "Tacker" signs are outdoors, they are even more economical indoors. Tacker signs can be mounted to walls and store fixtures easily with a variety of mounting and/or hanging hardware: Most basic signs are commonly screen-printed on aluminum or steel and punched with mounting holes and rounded corners. Signs are also typically soft embossed and sometimes die-cut to a custom shape for added strength and impact. Lumalite, a process of screen-printing transparent colors on natural mill-finish aluminum, adds extra pizzazz to the sign. Common Sizes: (36"x12") (36"x24") (36" x 18") (24"x24") (18"x24") (24"x24") (24"x12") (18" x 18") (12"x12") (12" x 6") (6" x 6") Many sizes and shapes. Call us to talk more about your specific artwork and application.